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The use of video cameras and tape for CCTV purposes is no longer necessary or expedient in a security environment, as modern day digital stills cameras can take timed and dated 1MB  snapshots of 1600 x 1200 pixels every second, at shutter speeds of up to 1/1500th of a second. 30,000 images can be stored on a single flash drive the size of a finger, which can be plugged into any computer for viewing.

A digital stills camera can automatically photograph the faces of Formula One drivers as they pass the finishing line at 160mph. A thief running down the road can be instantaneously photographed so that even the time displayed on his stolen Rolex watch can be seen.

Snapshots from a wireless camera such as the Canon Ixus, the Nikkon P1, or the Kodak Easyshare, are automatically transferred through the air using radio waves - even zapping through walls or ceilings - for storage onto a computer or laptop up to 200 metres away. "Beam me up, Scotty!" These wireless cameras do not need to be connected to a laptop or pc via a usb cable - they only need an electrical power source. Other digital stills cameras can be connected to a pc or laptop using a high speed usb 2 cable.

Video cameras by comparison use antiquated technology and produce very poor quality images even at the best of times. It matters little whether a video camera is analogue or digital - the recordings look like a dog's dinner either way, and lack sufficient detail to help identify possible suspects.

Any pocket-sized digital stills camera that has a usb cable port (most cameras now include a usb port) can be connnected to a pc or laptop for saving images directly to the pc's hard drive using Picture Perfect™ software that we supply. This means that instead of filling up a camera's memory card, photographs can be taken on a continous or motion detection basis for a month or more until the pc's hard drive fills up. This provides an excellent method of capturing high quality 'CCTV' images just as if one were shooting pictures with the camera's shutter button!

If the PC/laptop is connected to the internet, images can be automatically uploaded to a remote computer as soon as they are taken, allowing remote monitoring of a camera scene on a second-by-second basis, and allowing images to be stored away from the camera location, even on the other side of the world!  All of these processes are entirely automatic, and a picture is taken and saved as soon as any activity is detected in the camera scene.

Transport and other public authorities, as well as homes and businesses of all types, should utilise the latest technology to help make the world a safer place. It is a false economy to do otherwise. Communities need the  protection that good quality CCTV provides. Bad guys are camera-shy, and if only a few houses or offices in a neighbourhood installed a digital stills camera pointing to the street, the whole area would become safer.

Use a digital stills camera for CCTV purposes with Picture Perfect™ Technology - and protect your home and business by taking thousands of high quality snapshots of the camera scene!


The London Bombings and the Problems of Using Video Cameras for CCTV Purposes.
London Standard Tuesday 20th September 2005

Law enforcement officers are still combing CCTV recordings to establish the movements of the bombers during the missing three hours on June 28 2005. More than 80,000 CCTV tapes are being scanned in Britain's largest criminal investigation since the Second World War.

To assess all of it is a "colossal undertaking", said Andy Hayman, the Met's Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations. "Some of these enquiries involve complex and meticulous scientific and forensic processes that are in themselves time consuming and demanding."

"Checking the CCTV tapes will take months", he added.

"This involves the painstaking piecing together of a patchwork of different film from thousands of different cameras to put together a chronology of movements. It requires a great degree of motivation and attention to detail by the officers involved as they sift through hundreds of hours of footage for what may be just a few vital moments of relevant material."

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