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Please note that we do not sell CCTV systems - we only give free advice!

NOTE: The use of a digital video camera such as the Panasonic HDC HS 700 or 900 is now highly recommended because these cameras can take very high quality footage over an extended period of almost a week of continuous recording. If no event occurs in this time-frame, it takes only a few seconds for the hard disc in the camera to be formatted and then re-used.

The highest resolution setting on these cameras records at 50 frames per second - which means 50 high definition images are taken every second! The lower resolution settting is 25 frames per second.

Here is an example of the lower resolution setting (the robber in the footage was later captured!)

A compact digital camera can also produce stunning pictures and can be used for CCTV purposes. This is a cheaper option that purchasing a high definition video camera, but the digital video camera is by far the better option evne if it is more expensive (A Panasonic HDC HS 900 costs around 1,000).

Only one camera is necessary to cover a large retail premises such as a bank or restaurant, or even an area as wide as Oxford Circus  or Oxford Street. The resolution of many modern digital cameras is 5 or more megapixels (depending on your choice of camera), and so the captured camera scene is much more extensive and detailed compared to using video cameras, as you can see from the above surveillance images. However, you will need to connect the camera to a laptop and only cameras supporting remote capture can be used (see link below for supported Canon cameras).

You can cover the street outside your home, or your business entrance, and many other locations.
Images can be uploaded to a server automatically using h osting services su ch as Dropbox.

Watch High Definition CCTV!
Watch criminals caught in the act!

Equipment Required:

1) Digital compact camera (supported Canon cameras) with a time-lapse function. Note: Casio and Nikon cameras can also be used where a remote capture program for the model is available. (Check on the internet regarding availability).

The camera can be connected directly to a laptop running Windows XP / Vista using a USB cable, or wirelessly   using a WiFi-enabled memory card (see ) Images can be saved on any computer in a network, and not just on the computer connected to the camera. They can also be uploaded automatically to an online storage space like, which offers a free 2GB account and a 100 GB paid account.

2) Laptop or PC running Windows XP Professional / Home Edition /Vista

3) Camera wall bracket for mounting camera on arm support. Approximate cost: 40
Available from Manfrotto or any good camera shops Part No 356

Electric a/c power cord  (Eg: CA-PS700
for Canon S2iS - other models may require a different power cord). 50

5) Remote Capture Software - . This may be supplied with the camera  or else may be available for purchasing online (check camera model).

Motion detection can also be used with cameras which support a live view of the camera scene on the pc whereby trigger spots are positioned within the camera scene window displayed on the computer to activate motion detection as desired.

Thus, new customers entering a premises can be photographed when the front door opens, or the till area can be covered, without movement in other areas triggering the camera. Motion detection however requires that the camera shutter remains open and this tends to degrade the cemera sensor over a period of months.

The time-lapse option produces images regardless of whether motion is present in the camera scene and leads to less wear and tear on the camera sensor (cameras can function quite well for a year or more).

PS Remote or Other Remote Capture Software 35

Zonetrigger - Motion Detection Software

Connect the camera to your laptop or pc and run the camera remote software. Select the shutter speed ('TV' mode 1/125th of a second and ISO setting of 200 is suitable for most cases). Choose the folder where you wish to save the captured images. Select motion detection from the camera menu if available, and run the Zonetrigger utility or set the camera on time-lapse basis (one photo every 3 seconds for example).

You'll now have an effective CCTV system with software costing under 60!


Burglar Sensor Lights minimum 3000 watts (6 x 500 watts) for night-time shots. 17 each.
Note: Cameras need light to function and therefore the more light the better. If you are trying to protect a rear drive-way or entrance or some other dimly lit area, ie., around a cash machine, you would need to ensure that either the area is properly illuminated, or that burglar sensor lights will come on to enable the camera to capture a good image of any suspects. For example, provided a cash machine area or walkway is properly illuminated, a camera located some distance away can be focused on a particular spot to produce good pictures of any suspects.

Remote Live Viewing - you can log in to your cameras over the internet from any computer in the world to see the live camera scene (like a webcam) and also to view or retrieve snapshots on the remote laptop/pc.  There are a number of companies selling remote viewing software.

Automated Backup of images to a secure remote server. There are a number of programs offering automated backups such as   or We recommend

Extra Hard Drive Storage This can be arranged using an external USB hard drive purchased in any computer shop. In this case a 400 gigabyte hard drive would store the saved images for several months (all in date and time order). The external hard drive containing the images can also be strapped down for extra security.




Camera, laptop and Software - Easy Setup and Installation

Less than 60 for the software!




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